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Directional Drilling Company & Equipment

Directional drilling is the science of deviating a wellbore along a planned path to a target located at a given lateral distance and direction from vertical. This includes drilling as vertically as possible from a given True Vertical Depth (TVD). When it comes to directional drilling for natural gas, crude products, or any other pipeline projects, having a partner in the field you can trust will be critical to your bottom line. You need a company with the right experience and equipment, in addition to safety and environmental records, to get the job done on schedule and on budget.

Nzone Guidance is proud of providing outstanding customer service. Our goal with every new client is to develop a long-lasting relationship and become our clients’ go-to source for drilling operational needs.

There is simply no substitute for experience.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, Nzone takes a hands-on approach to all of our clients’ projects. Backed by a strong management team and unparalleled work ethic of our employees, you can trust that your project will be done right, on time, on budget, and safely.

With experience in every geography and soil type throughout the U.S., Nzone Guidance has the knowledge needed to envision potential challenges before they materialize so that we're always ready with a solution. Our precision directional drilling instruments are available to run in a variety of pipe and collar diameters. We only provide state-of-the-art equipment in directional drilling.

At Nzone Guidance, we focus not just on projects, but on relationships. We are proud of our record of superior customer service, which has led to our unmatched record for repeat business.

Superior client relationships require open, honest and frequent communication from start to finish. Through direct interaction with Nzone’s owners, our customers know what is going on with every aspect of their crossing, from budgeting to pipe pulls. Nzone Guidance aligns as your partner in pipeline construction and maintenance. That means exceeding expectations for on-time, on-budget services, and ensuring that your project meets the highest standards of safety and environmental regulations.

Nzone offers expert directional drillers and proven technologies to provide the trajectory control needed to drill the well correctly. Our operational team and technologies means delivering only high-quality holes required to successfully run the precise well placement to optimize production and maximize recovery.


Drilling Engineering & Well Planning Services

Nzone Guidance provides exceptional vertical, horizontal and directional drilling tools and services. 

Nzone Guidance has an unparalleled track record. We understand that field performance is crucial to both our clients’ and our own success. By ensuring the right people, equipment and technology are in place for every job, regardless of location, we provide a second-to-none value proposition to our clients – backed by our industry expertise and exceptional customer service.

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Formation Evaluation & Geosteering Services (MWD Services)

In addition to real-time telemetry and survey requirements, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) saves rig time and minimizes complications. MWD delivers the data you need for geosteering and formation evaluation.

Nzone Guidance MWD tools are complex electronic devices to measure the inclination and azimuth of the wellbore. The system provides toolface measurements to aid in directional drilling using mud motors to properly characterize each zone during drilling operations.

MWD tools produce pulses that generate digital data. Continuous wave telemetry sends the data to the surface via phase variations in the mud system where it is then decoded by a computer. The MWD tool can usually be retrieved and replaced using wireline through the drill string if necessary. Individual components can be replaced in the field as needed.

Nzone MWD services use advanced communications to update well progress frequently so that you can see the actual well path in relation to the planned well path. Our engineers can easily configure the monitor screen to display a choice of operating functions and data. MWD technology provides a reliable, cost-effective solution to help land the bit in the “correct spot” of the reservoir.