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Our Motors Won't Back Down

Nzone Guidance strives to produce top quality motors and accessories as a premier supplier in drilling equipment. Zone Motors are qualified and verified during the manufacturing process. They are designed and developed with the customer’s requirement to perform at its peak.

Made from high-grade steel, each piece is carefully manufactured to Nzone’s standards with emphasis on the following:

  • Drive Shaft Assembly
  • Adjustable Housing
  • Stabilization
  • Retrievable
  • Cost Effective
  • Very Reliable

Through a bearing assembly, Nzone Motors provide high-pressure seal designs maintaining optimal oil lubrications throughout the drill. Maintaining maximum flow and horsepower, our Nzone Motors equalize pressure and provide a durable drive system that is both accurate and secure.

Nzone Motor Options

Nzone Guidance has a wide variety of motor options to custom fit your needs.

Motor design, materials and manufacturing processes are always improving, and our line of drilling motors continue to offer users the highest efficiency for their drilling applications; saving time and money.

Mud Lubricated Motors

Designed for reliability in aggressive higher temperature wells, extending operating hours.

Oil Sealed Drilling Motors

Designed for use with the latest developments in high torque – high speed power sections. Improved bit hydraulics and better performance in air drilling applications. Delivering superior performance and reliability.

Short Bit‐to‐Bend Drilling Motors

Designed to deliver higher build rates at lower rotatable bend settings. Reduces bending stress which decreases the risk of housing fracture. Depending on well design, an effective tool for improving drilling time with more efficient well plans and reduced trips.

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